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Travel light, Travel Free

Traveling is an experience that allows us to discover new places, new faces and new cultures, immersing ourselves in a new world, different from the usual. But have you ever thought about how tiring the trip can be with the weight of suitcases and backpacks? This is a common problem that can be solved through the art of light travel.

There are numerous advantages of just taking a small backpack or suitcase with you, for example, it helps and facilitates travel, allows you to save more money and time, avoids disorganization and confusion and we have more security.

Learning this gift of packing with just whatyou need can often be a very big challenge,but it's not impossible! Here are a few tips that will help you travelwithout a lot of luggage:

1. Always confirm the weather forecast: it is important to know the weather conditions in order toorganize your suitcase with the right clothes for the weather! This way you avoid taking extraclothes.

2. Don't take things you've never used: avoid taking clothes or shoes that you've never used or thatyou don´t use so frequently, choose something you already know and that is comfortable and that matches several pieces of clothing, such as basic tops .

3. Don't bring different outfits for each day: one of the biggest challenges when packing is undoubtedly carrying extra clothes. Always remember the trips you took and that you didn't wear half the clothes you took. It's okay to repeat outfits or pieces of clothing!

4. Focus on the essentials: Choose pieces that match each other, for example, avoid a blouse thatonly matches pants and sandals. As for the type of clothing, always prefer pieces that do notwrinkle that easily.

5. Avoid taking the whole hygiene products: when traveling, do not take the whole package of your favourite body cream or shampoo, instead, prefer to transfer to a smaller container in order to reduce the weight of the suitcase and save space. You can also buy smaller, travel-friendly versions of shampoo, conditioner, or toothpaste.

6. Invest in packing cubes: to avoid carrying more than one suitcase or backpack, it is necessary to learn how to organize clothes and products in a way that optimizes as much space as possible. Packing cubes are a great choice! You can store your tops in one cube and your pants in another, always remembering to roll your clothes in rolls to have more space.


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